Pilates will help your staff build and maintain core strength, stability, and optimal body alignment. Research shows that there are numerous benefits, including:

  • building strength of core muscles
  • prevention and treatment of back pain
  • improving balance and flexibility

These benefits help ensure optimal fitness and reduce the risk of injury both at work and home. Exercising at work has been shown to improve mood, enthusiasm and team bonding, boost performance, and lower the risk of long-term illness in employees.

Our workplace Pilates classes are mat-based. Class sizes of up to 20 are suggested, with a maximum of 30. This is for health & safety purposes, as well as ensuring each participant has the best possible experience. For hygiene reasons, participants are to bring their own mat, but if your space is carpeted, towels are also fine.

The classes can be done almost anywhere (board room, lunchroom, or outdoors with a wet weather backup), and staff of all fitness levels and ages can participate.

We recommend an initial term of 8 weekly sessions.

Everyone will need to bring exercise-suitable clothing.

Fee Includes:

  • Client liaison to specifically tailor your session to your skill level, demographic and objectives
  • Feedback summary report (provided to you afterwards by email)
  • “Ideas to Maximise Participation” PDF