We pride ourselves on having Australia’s finest massage therapists.

Massage is well known for its ability to relieve both physical and mental tension and is particularly effective in improving work health outcomes. 

Our highly-experienced professionals will leave your team feeling relaxed and refreshed – with minimal disruption to their work day. We guarantee that our massage therapists are fully qualified, industry-experienced professionals, and can provide the highest standard of service available at cost-effective rates. 

Our therapists are also able to provide beneficial stretches and ergonomic advice to your staff as a value-add.

  • All-Inclusive
  • Seated massage chair (if not At-desk massages)
  • Hygienic supplies
  • Online or hardcopy booking system
  • Relaxation music (optional)
  • Staff surveys to capture employee feedback

Massage Types

  • Roaming, or at-desk massage, is a popular option for Call-Centres or workplaces where the convenience of massaging staff at their desk if preferred. Each massage therapist moves from desk to desk, providing relief for tight backs and shoulders. Ideally, the duration of each massage is 10 minutes, with a minimum of 5 minutes per person / 10 employees per hour.
  • Seated massage is the most popular option, ideal for offices where there is a dedicated space to set up specially-designed ergonomic seated massage chairs, which the therapist brings with them. We recommend either 15 or 20 minutes per person, with the minimum being 10 minutes each / 6 staff per hour.
  • Table massages are a nice way to indulge your staff with the luxury of up to 1 hour (minimum 30 minutes per person). The therapist will provide all equipment and hygienic supplies, so all you need is a quiet space for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.


Booking Multiple Therapists

You may choose to book each massage therapist for a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 7 consecutive hours of actual massage time.
The minimum booked time is 3 hours per massage therapist.
After every 3 hours of massage a 30-minute break is required. You do not pay for breaks – only actual massage time.
E.g. 1. If you book in 7 hours of massage, 2 x 30-minute breaks are scheduled.
E.g. 2. If you book less than 3 hours, no break is required.
E.g. 3. If you book 4 hours, a 30-minute break is required.
E.g. 4. If you book 12 hours, then you can choose between the following options:
a) 2 massage therapists @ 6 hours each OR
b) 3 massage therapists @ 4 hours each OR
c) 4 massage therapists @ 3 hours each.