A workstation assessment is a personalised approach, where we visit each person one-by-one. This is recommended for all staff as a powerful and proactive approach to minimising workplace injuries and to boost the health of your team.

When combined with an interactive ergonomics workshop, employee compliance is exponential. It can also be more cost-effective for everyone to cover general principles and basics, preceding your team’s workstation assessments, and it will also promote a healthy workplace culture

Workstation Assessments:

Choose from either 15 minutes (regular) or 30 minutes (detailed) for each staff member. 

A detailed assessment includes up to 30 minutes onsite with the assessor, plus an additional 30 minutes report-writing time. Recommended for those who have an existing condition, prior injury, displaying work-related symptoms, or working remotely/setting up a home office.

We have a 2-hour minimum onsite time, for all group assessment program bookings. Our fee includes a summary report from all assessments and list of recommendations, as well as a Tip Sheet with workstation guidelines & stretches, emailed to you in PDF format after the assessments.

Staff with existing issues are encouraged to take the 30-minute (detailed) version.

During each assessment, we also provide tip sheets with workstation setup principles, healthy habits and some suggested stretches for the workday.